10 how to become a better cougar hunter

10 how to become a better cougar hunter

Oregon’s inhabitants of approximately six,100000 cougars takes up many habitat across the condition, offering a year-bullet, readily-available hunting possibility.

Their nocturnal designs and stealthy profile make cougars a challenging larger online game creature to take a look. ODFW animals specialist Scott Napoli on the White River Wildlife Town and you will biologist Herman Biederbeck throughout the northern Coastline promote this advice so you can attain significantly more cougars.


Ditch this new calendar. Winter season, once other big online game year enjoys closed, is a superb time for you look cougar. Moist, snowy soil can make it easier to tune cougar. As well as deer and you may elk beginning to concentrate inside the straight down height portion, getting significant internet to hungry cougars.


  • Prior to your quest, spend your time on earth scouting for cougar in the same way this hyperlink an elk huntsman scouts getting elk.
  • To get cougar signal such as for example songs (make sure you know what a cougar track ends up), kills sites (cougars safety the destroy and you may return to it after) and even smell markers (a scratch out-of will leave and you can branches one to cougars use to draw its territories having urine and you can poo).
  • File everything you select on the a chart or GPS. Since you beginning to gather study, you could start seeing designs in how a beneficial cougar travels in the the region.


Put up walk webcams with the ridgelines and online game tracks to see what’s happening while not indeed there. Better yet, manage canyon parts, where kitties want to waste time.


Have fun with good quality calls. Predator getting in touch with is the best choice for concentrating on cougars being profitable. But be prepared to invest in an effective label. Think both way to obtain the fresh songs he’s recording and you may the standard of the latest digital playback.

Try not to overlook having fun with pet phone calls. Cougars are territorial and generally are browsing read the the fresh new sound of some other cat within their area.


Telephone call a lot of time and hard. Telephone call lengthened to have kittens – forty five minutes off continuing calling or higher. 20 minutes or so from calling occasionally get work for certain predators such as coyote, but it is maybe not how you can phone call cougar.


Call properly. Kittens is actually quiet and you may stealthy – you don’t wish one sneaking on your while you’re contacting. Here’s a few out of ways to stay safe.

  • Name when you are seated right back-to-straight back with a friend. You should have a great 360 education look at surrounding you and you will be capable take turns getting in touch with while the loud and a lot of time as you is also.
  • Set-up with your back once again to something similar to a high canyon wall surface that may continue a good cougar out-of sneaking upwards at the rear of you.
  • Remain nevertheless, specially when having fun with mouth area calls. Moving may cause an excellent cougar to trust you happen to be the latest sufferer.


Thought a relocation . Put one up and start contacting at the a murder web site or canyon access and view getting cougar.


  • Getting hushed. When you arrived at your own hunting site, act as since the stealthy as the kitties you might be browse. Never slam the automobile gates, keep talk so you’re able to minimum, stroll slowly and you may quietly with the contacting website, an such like.
  • Take control of your odor — cougars enjoys an enthusiastic feeling of smell. In which you can easily, build downwind of one’s direction at which you would expect an effective cougar in order to method, play with scent sprays to ease you and your clothes.
  • Make the most of colors and you may safety and make your self more challenging getting a pet to see.


Be ready, even though you commonly always cougar search. Most cougars have emerged and you will removed by the deer and elk hunters. Possess an effective cougar mark with the you can take advantage whenever a great cougar options near the top of.


Thought cougar for dinner. Many people have no idea how well cougar beef is, making it worthy of getting certain right back strap family and offering they a-try. (Even though you’re not lawfully necessary to salvage cougar animal meat.)

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