There are a veriaty of positions that can be used

There are a veriaty of positions that can be used

If and when you’re lucky enough to have him lock in you (knot) that will be a good time to reach down inbetween your legs and stimulate your clit to heighten your own orgasm(s)

Most women perfer doggie style because as the dog’s fucking you and once his knot locks into you the knot will actually rub and stimulate that “inner sponge” just inside and behind the clitoris. Just one of many G-spots it will hit. Just like both times before think of a special code word you can use to let him know Mommy needs fucking. After the foreplay (his licking you or you sucking him till his cock is hard), when attempting the “mounting” get into doggie position. Slap your ass a couple of times and use the code word you’ve dedicated for your signal that you need his services.

He will jump up and grip your waist with his front legs and will dance around trying to find his entry point. (If you don’t want scrapes and scratches I suggest you take a couple of pairs of tube socks and place them on his legs, taping the tops to hold them high). Give it some time because a dog will usually find it within a mater of a couple of minutes. If not you (or your partner for the couples) may need to reach down inbetween your legs and guide the dog’s cock into your hole.

Be prepaired for a hard fucking because if you’ve every watched two canines fucking you know the male humps hard and fast. He also literally has a hard bone (grisle) underneath the flesh.

The knot can be very uncomfortable at first and feel as if it’s going to stretch you to tearing. But be assured that it won’t and before long you’ll be enjoying the knot rubbing against your G-spots. Don’t be surprised if/when he knots inside you and starts cumming if you feel as if your lower belly is going to burst or explode. Remember that the knot was made to lock the male into the female to ensure pregnancy and although both your and his cum is filling you to the max you’re not going to bust open.

Also remember that once the dog is through cumming and humping it’s best not to let him try to pull free from you until the knot has subsided and it can easily slip from you. It may take up to 15 minutes for the swelling to go down. If you allow him to pull free before the swelling goes down he can tear you causing pain and discomfort to you. Take your time and once he’s out of you he’ll clean you up.

You may need to allow your K9 companion 10 to 20 minutes rest before going at it again. But you’ll find that he’s basically like the Everyready bunny and will go for long periods of time. If you want to feel yourself fill up even more with his/your cum, while he’s still locked in you and swollen, reach down inbetween your legs, just behind his knot and start jacking him off. His little fuck motor will take off again and he’ll go at it again until he’s emptied another load into you. I wouldn’t however do this more than once per fucking, you can rupture him and hurt him and you know you don’t want to do that.

TIP: For the females

If you want to lose weight you can suck your dog off several times a day before each meal to add filler into your belly. A dog’s cum is just like human cum. straight protein, it’s non-fattening. best hookup apps for iphone 2015 So suck and swallow as much as you like and drop dem pounds. My slave has lost 45 pounds in 6 weeks and is keeping it off by continuing to suck dem doggies off. Of course she was sucking the dogs off 18 to 20 times a day and has droped that to sucking each dog off twice before meals and at bed time, 4 times a day to maintain her weight.

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