10 points to learn about ultra dish 2021 halftime headliner The Weeknd

10 points to learn about ultra dish 2021 halftime headliner The Weeknd

The Weeknd will carry out during halftime program on 2021 ultra dish. Getty Pictures for TW

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Even as the guy becomes set-to headline the most significant gig in the biz at ultra Bowl 2021 on Sunday, the a€?Can’t sense simple Facea€? performer remains popa€™s most significant puzzle, exposing little about their personal existence and performing few interview, rather allowing his art carry out the speaking.

a€?We are now living in an era when all things are thus extreme, In my opinion ita€™s nourishing for all to be like, a€?whom the f’k is this guy?a€? he told moving material in 2015.

Still operating on top of his a€?After Hoursa€? record album a€” which includes developed a string of hits since coming-out final March a€” The Weeknd, 30, will launch a€?The Highlights,a€? a greatest-hits set, on tuesday, and entry for his 2022 a€?After Hoursa€? globe tour goes available Monday.

But before he takes the ultra Bowl stage, listed below are 10 stuff you have to italian dating site know about the evasive superstar.

His actual name’s Abel

The boy of Ethiopian immigrants to Canada, he had been born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye in Toronto. Brought up by his mom and grandmother, he went to Ethiopian Orthodox church, ended up being affected by Ethiopian singers particularly Aster Aweke, and his basic vocabulary had been Amharic. But raising upwards, the multilingual artist furthermore read simple tips to speak French along with English.

His name’s impressed by an insane life-changing sunday

He created their moniker after he and his innovative manager La Mar Taylor fallen from senior high school. They kept their houses one sunday a€” and not came back, moving into a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto with a third pal. To mark that life-changing week-end, he was in the beginning probably contact his first mixtape a€?The week-end,a€? but then he chose to try it as their phase term. For why the guy fallen that 3rd a€?E,a€? there was another Canadian musical organization currently known as Weekend.

The Weeknda€™s career got a large raise as he had been presented on Drakea€™s 2011 record album a€?be mindful.a€? WireImage

He has got a Canadian experience of Drake

Some very early Weeknd tunes had been heard by Drakea€™s supervisor, Oliver El-Khatib, just who then promoted the performer for the a€?Goda€™s Plana€? rapper. The Weeknda€™s job got a huge boost as he got included on Drakea€™s 2011 record a€?take good care.a€? Their particular Toronto lovefest persisted whenever Drizzy showed up throughout the Weeknda€™s first album, 2013a€™s a€?Kiss area.a€?

The guy circulated a bold triple record album before the guy struck it large

In 2012, The Weeknd fell a a three-hour, three-LP compilation, a€?Trilogy,a€? which contains his 2011 mixtapes a€?House of Balloons,a€? a€?Thursdaya€? and a€?Echoes of quiet.a€? A sprawling collection of Prince-like proportions, a€?Trilogya€? made his creative ambitions obvious.

He previously a supermodel sweetheart

The Weeknd began internet dating supermodel Bella Hadid in 2015. Almost everything began after he asked her become from the artwork for their 2015 record album a€?Beauty Behind the Madnessa€?’ she decreased. Once activities turned enchanting, though, she starred in their a€?in Nighta€? video. Next, after states of the split in 2016, he serenaded Hadid a€” among different lingerie-clad catwalkers a€” from the Victoriaa€™s key program. The couple got back with each other in 2018, before parting approaches again in 2019.

After Bella (the 1st time), there was Selena

After splitting with Hadid in 2016, The Weekend outdated fellow pop music star Selena Gomez in 2017. They spent time in their Toronto home town, she moved with your on his world journey, and they went to both Coachella and also the Met Gala collectively. However their whirlwind romance finished after about 10 months.

Those RosalA­a romance gossip

Today The Weeknd is rumored becoming dating Spanish experience RosalA­a, whom appears in his steamy a€?Blinding bulbsa€? remix lyric video. Therea€™s been speculation that she can be their shock invitees at ultra dish on Sunday.

Selena Gomez as well as the Weeknd dated after their split from Bella Hadid. Matteo Prandoni/BFA

The guy got Oscar props for Earned It

In 2016, The Weeknd had been selected for a Best Original tune Oscar for their hit single a€?Earned Ita€? from the a€?Fifty tones of Greya€? sound recording, although the guy destroyed off to Sam Smitha€™s a€?Writinga€™s from the wall surface.a€?

Their stunning Grammy snub

After 2021 Grammy nominations were established last November, The Weeknd was actually amazingly shut-out despite creating two No. 1 singles a€” a€?Heartlessa€? and a€?Blinding bulbsa€? a€” in 2020. After basic sensation like it got a a€?sucker punch,a€? hea€™s now singing another type of melody. a€?I personally dona€™t worry any longer,a€? the guy told Billboard final thirty days. a€?We have three Grammys, which mean absolutely nothing to me today, demonstrably.a€?

The Weeknd’s changing find was for their album, After Hours.@theweeknd/instagram, Emma McIntyre /Getty Images

This is behind dozens of bandages

Whenever his record a€?After Hoursa€? was released final March, The Weeknd adopted the image of a red-jacketed personality whoa€™s going through a severely poor evening in Las vegas, nevada, as confirmed by his bloodied face on the address. Residing in personality through the entire LPa€™s promotion, he gone from having a bandaged nose to participating eventually Novembera€™s American Music honours in full face-dressing. Once the guy uncovered his mug within his a€?Save Yourselfa€? videos, the guy seemed just as if hea€™d just have plastic surgery.

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What exactly gets? a€?The significance of the complete mind bandages are highlighting throughout the outrageous lifestyle of Hollywood celeb and folks influencing themselves for trivial reasons why you should kindly and become validated,a€? the guy told assortment this week.

And also in their brand-new Pepsi advertising teasing their halftime show, The Weeknd enjoys his outdated face back once again.

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